Life Groups

life group cornWe believe we grow best when we grow together.

A single stalk of corn has little chance of producing a great harvest but an entire field of corn not only produces a greater harvest but it also lends support to the rest of the crop while it grows.

We believe that we grow best in two distinct ways: spiritually and relationally.

Life Groups are more than just a bible study.

Life Groups are where we bring the spiritual connection and the relational connection together. Life Groups are groups of people who meet in homes throughout the week and consist of 8-12 people who desire to deepen their relationship with each other and with God. Our Life Groups will last between 6-10 weeks and during this time we hope that you will meet some new friends, grow deeper in your relationship with God and find a way to serve with your group.

Fore details on time and location, check out our calendar.

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