The women who loved Jesus

In Mark 7 we read the story of Jesus’ invitation to dine with a man named Simon a Pharisee. I can just imagine the scene as Jesus reclined at the table along with other religious figures. As they dined together possibly inquiring of Jesus about His thoughts on different religious matters. A women enters the house, uninvited and certainly unwelcome This was not just any woman, but a prostitute, a lady of the evening. She had heard that Jesus was going to be there and wanted to be near him. She see’s Jesus and goes to Him, not minding the cold unmerciful stares from the men who were present. She kneels beside Jesus, overcome with emotion she begins to weep. Her tears bathing the feet of Jesus. Having no towel, she wipes His feet with her hair. Being a prostitute she kept with her a box that contain a fragrant oil that she would apply when trying to find work. This oil represented her ability to sustain herself. She poured the oil on the feet of Jesus. Emptying herself of all that defined her. She gave herself over to the healing touch of Jesus.

What has defined you all of these years? Is it your work, maybe church service, what about bitterness or unforgiveness. No matter what it is Jesus is calling you to turn it over to Him. Pour it on Him like perfume. Following Jesus will cost you everything.

I tell you this, her sins, which are many, are forgiven-for she loved much. but he who is forgiven little, loves little.





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